Fat free pink

Just around the corner from the place I will call my home for the coming weeks, there is a little place called Yoghurt Heaven. It looks exactly the way you would expect it to look, given the name. The overall theme seems to be 'fat free pink and sweet lime'. The yoghurt being served is - surprise - fat free and comes in many- without doubt -artificial flavors like caramel and blueberries. The crowd consists mostly of girls who all look the same. And the occasional gay guy off course, who looks like them girls too. There's two white comfort couches in the corner, with fleece plaids and cushions. Also pink and lime. Candles on the table can't prevent from making you shiver every time the door opens and a minus 8 Celsius wind sweeps in, but they are a good additive in terms of the overall pink and lime heavenly girls theme.   



We had passed this calcium heaven a few times, laughing mostly. For it is so over the top. He joked 'the perfect place to eat away your monthly depression and make some gay friends'. I laughed, but mostly because it made me think of how it fits so perfectly - in an ugly good way - in the herbal-tea drinking trend we had in my former team. Nothing better than making fun of something other people do and then doing it yourself after all. Not taking yourself too seriously is conditional for every, normally self-respecting, human being to step into this little shop.



Not far from Yoghurt Heaven there is a Sports Bar. To the same extent all girls in calcium heaven seem to look alike, all guys in the Sports Bar start looking more British with every beer they drink. Both being at the other end of a spectrum I can't find a name for, I see great parallelism between the two groups of customers. Both cloud surfing girls and testosterone increasing guys are indulging to comfort food and/or drinks. The girls enjoy their intake of comfort food while condoning that by thinking it is fat free and therefore good. Going to calcium heaven is therefore a good alternative to the somewhat more old-fashioned (and guilt-increasing) chocolate binge. The guys on the other hand enjoy their intake of self-esteem in the form of beer and feel better, funnier and more masculine as the evening progresses. Exponentially. Both groups are alike in that they are - unconsciously maybe - looking for comfort. And get it. 



As and because 'I' instead of 'we' walked home about an hour ago after leaving the other half of 'we' at the train station, I felt a very conscious need for comfort myself. Thinking of the run I had already gone for this morning, that option was off. Besides, the healthy form of comfort isn't half as nice as the temporary narcotic effects of other forms in a situation like this. 



If I were living a movie instead of my life, I would have probably chosen the vodka option in a popular dancing bar (still to be discovered though) that would be packed with cheerful people on a late Tuesday afternoon. However, in this very real life, I tended to walk towards the Sports Bar. Very ready to temporarily turn into a beer drinking British guy. Tempting, especially because no-one knows me here anyway, yet. However, while walking into the city I suddenly let go of that thought. No vodka and dancing for me today. No beers to comfort any uncomfortable feeling. Not today. I decide not to take me so seriously. Today I chose the 'healthy option'. Today I chose calcium heaven. And aspartame. 



I choose pink and lime and M&M covered yoghurt heaven. 


© Andy Music 20112


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lars on 2012-01-31 22:24

haha, 'like'  super leuk. Mooi ben jij zodra ik weg ben gelijk naar die tent!

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